Prius OxyHydrogen Generator Installation

by Steve Woodruff


Today, I test drove the prius with an efie device installed. the gas production is 1 LPM and the efie was set at .1 volt

( and then reduced to .08 volt to keep the check engine light off) we traveled about 170 miles and averaged 53.4 mpg.

most notably is that this was mostly interstate at 71 mph.

I believe this car would have normally averaged 47mpg under these conditions.

this is a 12 % gain. or in other words I saved .43 gallons or about $1.68 cents


click here for Generator construction details




prius OxyHydrogen installation video

under the hood connections 2006 Prius

this shows the rear defroster wires.... they can provide up to 40 amps of current ( caution! I do not reccomend exceeding 20 amps!)

I cut the positive wire and turn the hydrogen generator on and off with the pushbotton on the steering wheel for the rear defroster.

cutting the wire removes power from the rear defroster heater wires in the glass.

this shows the generater usage at 1/2 liter per minute for 202 miles, all interstate, and 70 mph

This car usually gets about 48 mpg.

The next test will be at 1 liter per minute.....

new results!

We have achieved 53.5 mpg after 160 miles using an efie 02 sensor changer and 1 LPM gas production

dont forget to buy an 02 sensor spoofer called an EFIE and install it




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