2004 Prius Navigation System Voice Commands
  Total Including Other Pronunciation Total Without Other Pronunciation
NAVI 228 132
Audio 44 32
Display 1 1
Climate 49 24
Help 3 1
NAVI Commands
Command Alternate Commands with same function
Current position Current Location
Zoom In  
Zoom Out  
Right Map Zoom In  
Right Map Zoom Out  
North Up Change to north up
Heading Up Change to heading up
Map direction Change to map direction
Right map north up  
Right map heading up  
Right map direction  
Dual map Change to dual map
Single map Change to single map
Mark this point Mark
Restaurant I'm hungry
Japanese restaurant Japanese food
Chinese restaurant Chinese food
French restaurant French food
Italian restaurant Italian food
Other restaurant Other food
American restaurant American food
Continental restaurant Continental food
Mexican restaurant Mexican food
Seafood restaurant Seafood
Shopping Shopping mall
Grocery store  
Gas station Gas
Parking Parking lot, Parking garage
Rental car agency Rental Car
TOYOTA dealership TOYOTA dealer
LEXUS dealership LEXUS dealer
Auto club Automobile club, Triple A
Service & maintenance Auto service & maintenance, Auto service
Golf Course Golf
Ski resort Skiing
Amusement park  
Sports complex Stadium
Tourist attraction  
City hall  
Police Station  
Park Park & Recreation
Government Offices Civic Center, Community Center
Convention Center Exhibition Center
Court house  
Train station  
Commuter rail station  
Bus station  
Ferry terminal  
Rest area Rest stop
Tourist Information  
Historical Monument  
Performing Arts Theater
Higher Education University, College
Business Facility Other business facilities, Other Business
City Center  
Car Wash  
Other Automotive Stores Other Automotive
Other Financial Services Other Financial
Post office  
Botanical Garden Zoological Garden, Zoo
Horse racing  
National and State Parks National Parks
Video Rental  
Fast Food  
Convenience Store  
Department Store  
Home and garden  
Specialty food store Specialty food
Other retail stores Other retail
Beauty and barber shops Barber shops
Coffee House  
Dry cleaning  
Health and fitness club Fitness club
Ice cream parlor  
POI Off  
Home Go Home
Previous starting point Go to starting point, Previous start point, Go to start point
Previous destination Go to previous destination
Quick access Number 1 Quick access 1, Go to quick access number 1, Go to quick access 1
Quick access Number 2 Quick access 2, Go to quick access number 2, Go to quick access 2
Quick access Number 3 Quick access 3, Go to quick access number 3, Go to quick access 3
Quick access Number 4 Quick access 4, Go to quick access number 4, Go to quick access 4
Quick access Number 5 Quick access 5, Go to quick access number 5, Go to quick access 5
Enter Destination  
Add to Destination  
Replace Destination  
Repeat Guidance Repeat voice, Repeat
Arrow guidance Arrow guide, Change to arrow guidance, Change to arrow guide
Turn list guidance Turn list guide, Change to turn list guidance, Change to turn list guide
Entire Route map Entire route, route overview
Next destination map  
First destination map  
Second destination map  
Third destination map  
Fourth destination map  
Fifth destination map  
Final destination map  
Delete next destination Cancel next destination
Delete final destination Cancel final destination
Delete all destinations Cancel all destinations
Detour Detour entire route
Suspend guidance Stop guidance
Resume guidance Start guidance
Quick 1 Quick
Quick 2  
Freeway Guidance Freeway guide, Change to freeway guidance, Change to freeway guide
Intersection guidance Intersection guide, Change to intersection guidance, Change to intersection guide
Compass mode Change to compass mode
Lane guidance Change to lane guidance, Guidance screen on freeway
AUDIO Commands
Command Alternate Commands with same function
AM AM Radio
FM FM Radio
Satellite radio SAT
Satellite radio 1 SAT1
Satellite radio 2 SAT2
Satellite radio 3 SAT3
CD Changer  
DVD Changer  
Audio Audio on, Audio off
Seek up  
Seek down  
Type up  
Type down  
Fast forward  
Reverse Program
Next track  
Previous track  
Skip backward  
Track up Next track
Track down Previous track
Disc up Next disc
Disc down Previous disc
Screen Display Commands
Command Alternate Commands with same function
Screen Off  
Climate Commands
Command Alternate Commands with same function
Automatic Air Conditioning Automatic Air Conditioning On, Automatic Air Conditioning Off
Raise Temperature Warmer
Lower Temperature Cooler
65 Degrees Temperature 65 Degrees or 65 degrees
66 Degrees Temperature 66 Degrees
67 Degrees Temperature 67 Degrees
68 Degrees Temperature 68 Degrees
69 Degrees Temperature 69 Degrees
70 Degrees Temperature 70 Degrees
71 Degrees Temperature 71 Degrees
72 Degrees Temperature 72 Degrees
73 Degrees Temperature 73 Degrees
74 Degrees Temperature 74 Degrees
75 Degrees Temperature 75 Degrees
76 Degrees Temperature 76 Degrees
77 Degrees Temperature 77 Degrees
78 Degrees Temperature 78 Degrees
79 Degrees Temperature 79 Degrees
80 Degrees Temperature 80 Degrees
81 Degrees Temperature 81 Degrees
82 Degrees Temperature 82 Degrees
83 Degrees Temperature 83 Degrees
84 Degrees Temperature 84 Degrees
85 Degrees Temperature 85 Degrees
Help Commands
Command Alternate Commands with same function
Help Command help, Command list