Boat Car ( version 2)

Rat rod from gen2 Prius and antique wooden boat

"Priustoric" or "PrisCraft" or "RiverRat"

Located in southern Indiana about 70 miles south of Indianapolis

AutoBeYours is the name of the company

visit the "about me" page on ebay for more information

We specialize in Prius cars

Located at 861 South Gardner Scottsburg IN 47170

(30 miles north of Louisville Ky and about 75miles south of Indianapolis In.)

2 or 3 minutes from I- 65


April 2018

This is Daytona Beach, sporting the "new" antique outboard .

Yes it drives on the highway

Yes it floats..( the rear half anyway)


vallet parking raised some eyebrows...

(I do what I want) lol


Space Coast Airshow 2018 Titusville Fl




"Greg's father originally built the boat that gave its BOW for the front of this rat rod! He is pleased it got a second life!

notice the steering linkage is removable

"Mani" is sanding the Mahogany

Dale rebuilds the Hatch with original hardware

I used a chainsaw to harvest the bow for the front

I am steve Woodruff, The creator and builder.

this is how the Priustoric looked when it left Indiana for Florida to be finished... notice the rear axle is original to the boat trailer

Chris is happy the frame fits so well inside the prius front half

all the parts are about to come together

this is before the High Voltage battery was relocated to the front

soap and water to remove a decade of dirt

this is how the Thompson looked when we got it... we did strip the paint





the following photos are " priustoric version 1"



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Stainless rub rail installed summer 2016

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The story:

I admired the 1955 Thompson at a family reunion, Mrs Cruz gave the boat to me, as it had been sitting outside for 28 years and the bottom was rotten.

the photos you will find here chronicle what happend next..


2016 national Street rod nationals in Louisville Ky


This photo from April 2015

this photo from the Mitchell Indiana Persimon Festival



this photo from NHRA 2015


the following photos are during the Building process...

coming soon " flying lady" antique hood ornament




now has seatbelts for 4


this photo is before any of the ornaments were reinstalled



this is a 1955 thompson, it has been outside for 30 years or more.



the bottom was rotton


the boat was taken to be soda blasted...

this is " chop Top Prius", see the boat in the back?

Here, I lowered the boat hull onto the chopped Prius.


here it is resting on top of a 2007 Prius chassis, notice the raw mahogany.

new marine plywood is being fitted to the bow.

test fitting a new windscreen..

this 1938 Buick gave its fenders for the project.

plans are to sandblast and then Clearcoat the bare fenders.,

then a running board from the rear of the fender aft.

Her I am ( Steve Woodruff) applying poly to the inside

new wood flooring is test fitted to the Toyota floor

Dec 20 2014

I used aluminum "C" channel to frame the hinged hood.

Here, Billi examines the hinge

Decembe 2014



Here is the prius we used as a donor vehicle...

this is a link to a video







I will be happy to answer any questions Please include make and model with your question.