2006 Toyota Prius with a trailer

Located at 287 N Gardner Scottsburg IN 47170

(30 miles north of Louisville Ky and about 75miles south of Indianapolis In.)

2 or 3 minutes from I- 65




The multi function Display says it all....

I Drove 65 to 74 mph with traffic ( 4 miles over the speed limit) for all but 50 miles of the trip.

The return trip averaged 40.1 mpg. ( Slower speed most likely)

one of the 4 wheelers is a 250 and the other is a 90cc. the trailer is 5 by 8 with a steel mesh floor.


The car handled well and only labored at speeds over 70.

I dont suggest we all put a trailer hitch on our Prius, but my results were satisfactory for limited use.

The hitch required a very small modification to the plastic under the car...I admit I was aprehensive about it.

but after seeing the 1 inch by 4 inch part removed...I was convinced it was nothing to worry about.

The wiring for the trailer lights is as follows

( I only used brakes and running lights...I did NOT connect the trailer lights with turn signals)

I suggest purchasing a trailer light module from your favorite auto parts store if you want turn signals

I used brown for parking lights and blue for stop lamps.

I Spliced into the prius harness below the rear gate latch and found a rubber grommet under the spare tire to route the wire outside.

















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