This is how to replace gen two prius struts

first remove the windshield wipers

then remove the cowl screen

then remove the windshield wiper motor see caution below!

caution not to touch the edge of the windshield or it may crack!

remove the big black metal tray under the wiper motor to expose the top strut nuts

( 3 each side)

then raise the car and remove the front wheels.

remove the sway bar link, if it is stuck.. insert an allen wrench in the center to hold it, and turn the nut with a 17mm wrench.

remove these two 19mm bolts. this is where the alignment becomes disturbed, and now you should have the car aligned when you are finished replacing the struts.

buy new struts, they will cost about 75 each.

pay a tire shop to install the springs for you , you will be re-using the springs from your old struts.

you may also buy or rent a strut spring compressor like this.

the brake line and wheel speed sensor wire are remove by a 12mm bolt...use caution not to break them.


you should be able to figure it out by now..if you have questions... then perhaps this is a job best performed by a shop.