2004- 2009 Toyota Prius Electric only mode conversion kit

The "EV Mode" button


  1. Quick Instructions:
  2. You are going to connect a wire from pin 27 of the H14 plug on the HV CPU to the Headlight Flasher plug located on the left of the steering wheel
  3. See the enclosed photos for the location of the HV CPU ( Behind the glove compartment)
  4. The purple wire from the flasher plug will be removed and the new wire will be inserted in its place.
  5. ( or simply splice into the purple wire to keep the headlight flash feature as well)
  6. Upon completion pulling the headlight flasher stalk toward you activates EV Mode. ( you will hear a beep and the display will show energy mode)
  7. Now refer to the enlosed photos .


remove three screws and pry the clamshell apart...

locate the wiper plug. squeeze the white part and gently pull it out


Either splice into the purple wire or remove it and insert the new wire in its place.


The prius dash...apart

Now refer to pages 8 thru 11 of the enclosed photos.



Insert the wire enclosed with this kit into hole 27 of the bottom most cable connector.

The other end of the wire goes to the purple wire on the headlight stalk,

if you mess up one end, simply use the other end for the h14 plug and splice at the steering wheel.


Once again, This modification will keep your Prius engine off, enabling you to drive the car on battery mode only for about 2 miles, under 34 MPH, or until the high voltage battery discharges below 3 bars.

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