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Pay per use Prius Tech support is available.25 Dollars per quarter hour.


AutoBeYours was nominated for the Mayor's Good Neighbor Award, also reviewed on Angies list.

also green company award by Sustainable Indiana 2016


We specialize in Insurance salvage 04 -09 Prius cars

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Red triangle?

You may need a replacement High Voltage battery pack.

Our rebuilt packs are guaranteed for 6 months

and pro-rated for an additional 6 months.

( want a longer warranty? sure! it costs about 44 dollars a month)




Important! AutoBeYours has proprietary procedures for reliable prius battery repair

we dont just replace the bad cells with matched cells from used packs. we also replace any other bad components.

we work hard to save you money!


The rebuilt pack is then tested in a prius before installation.


Our rebuilt packs are only 775 dollars ( exchange),


( new low price! )


shipping is no longer offered .

Now! two locations

new! Florida residents call for installation options!



Please be advised we will be removing the rear seats during the repair process

you should remove all your stuff from the back of the car.


You may drive your malfunctioning prius to us and we will install the pack.


call now for an appointment or to place an order



8 to 5 mon-fri eastern time

  • is your battery fan running at full speed?
  • is your cruise control not working?
  • does the state of charge go all the way green and then down to one purple bar ?
  • you may need a HV battery from the leader in Prius service since 2005
  • Our proprietary Procedure includes replacement cell connection tabs, and world class support.
  • we also offer BRAND NEW Toyota HV battery packs for 2550


this is a 2009 prius battery pack:

We understand your time is valuable, and have the experience to make your repair process as easy as possible, this includes advice and correct answers. Our full time technicians install matching cells and new cell connection tabs, but that is not all, they perform many tests including internal resistance and then test your new battery in a prius for at least 100 miles.

by the way...we do not currently repair the 2000-2003 prius packs




the Mid America Science Park ( MASP)

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Battery technology discussions

the Shop Area








Warehouse/Battery assembly area


AutoBeYours welcomes the staff and resources from to provide high quality

battery pack wire harness assemblies.

the following photos are from GARTECH only 6 minutes away from our facilities.


Gartech provides superb wire harness components and stocks connectors.


AutoBeYours welcomes the staff and resources from to provide high quality

battery pack wire harness assemblies.




It is really all about the sky isnt it?


AutoBeYours offers best-in-class testing services through its excellent in-house verification and validation lab facility. The lab includes environmental test chambers, shock and vibration equipments. The EMI and EMC compliance testing service of AutoBeYours adheres to ISO, IEC and SAE global standards.

AutoBeYours offers independent verification and validation services for automotive embedded products, which includes automated testing, and simulation systems using LabCar, LabVIEW, Matlab We have a state of the art automotive lab equipped with all development and testing tools

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We are located at 861 S Gardner St. Scottsburg Indiana 47170


812-752-5050 click here to see our email address

Please call us for more information

How to spot DODGY battery pack rebuilders?

Warranty information:

If our Battery fails in the first 6 months, we install another one for free

begining with the first day of the 7th month we deduct $4.30 front the original purchase price of 775 until it is gone at the end of the 12th month.

for example should you need a replacement battery in the end of the 11th month

you would be charged 646 dollars

In other words the purchase price is all gone at the end of the 12th month.

We try to build batterys that last many years, but the fact is " no amount of testing can predict the future" on a piece of technology like a battery.

we warranty our installation labor for 12 months... (there is only one installation fee)

We believe our proprietary processes for battery repair are the best in the industry!

Please compare our quality and check our reputation.

thank you for your business!


04-09 Prius cars and parts for sale

No 03 prius parts also,No 3rd gen parts



We sell Prius cars that have collision history for less.

We have Grown!

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Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles are called PHEV'S

We warranty our repairs for 12 months.

Click contact us or call 812-752-5050


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