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prius silver

this is a parts car, if you need something call or email to be determined yes camera silver/ gray cloth

ohio title

will be Indiana rebuilt


rf damage


Rebuildable cars Year Auto/comments Price Color / interior Title


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NEW! We offer prius battery pack repair! only 895


  Phev conversions        

Please email to get answers quick!

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Parts Cars Year Auto/comments Price Color / interior  


2006 florida COD for parts tan cod title 70k front
2009 prius 2009 prius     cod title    

We have many gen 2 prius parts


dont see your part? or

want to make an offer?

send an email!

  remember, shipping painted parts usually ends up with an unhappy customer. we dont do it.        


parts cars Do you need a quarter panel or a "b" pillar $250- $750        


"parts car"




yes white/ tan Ak ?
    call for parts, airbags and front coolers are sold tan   108k
2005 prius here now , a parts car
right doors avail
dark gray from Pa salvage   t-bone



2007 nav, loaded prius

here now, lot drives

above average condition

now mostly stripped

Blue / Gray interior



left side
  2006 prius airbags sold   Barcelona red     parts only sale document


number 206

2008 Prius
rear clip good


this will become a parts car

  sc   both front sides, cab and strut tower damage,


#196 " Kahn"

2007 prius roll over, parts csr parts available     60k all over


2005 Prius with HOV stickers complete car, doghouse gone already Call 812-752-5050       left front



2008 spectra blue

( parts car)

here now

rear clip good,


    ? hard front
  2004 Prius engine and dash removed,
no black/ gray good rear clip
2006 prius parts car 2007 touring edition prius for parts          


The Convertible Prius

2005 Prius

tree damage,

you really need to see this..


Sold to Jerry Asher in AZ

salsa red/ tan Indiana Rebuilt  

Falling object




parts car   gray sal

front and left rear

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Body Parts Year Auto/comments
Color / interior
Comparison Price-New
Hood 04-09 no used hoods available
Just buy a new one from Toyota or aftermarket
Fenders 04-09 pickup only

These most common parts are always damaged in a collision.

Rear Glass


Right Doors

04-09 left front doors are 395 when available
$250 or less if blemished
call for choices
We have many doors, call for condition

rear hatch

04-09 Specify with or without glass

my hatches will come with all the parts not " naked"

subtract from the price if you dont need glass

passenger doors complete    


condition may change price

Many colors available
doors are sold without door panels or mirrors. Call for special price

left rear triangular glass


04-09 all glass available
Mirrors 04-09 the plastic color cover is removable



about $180 from Toyota new
quarter panels 04-09


or call me




for best price

large cuts available for your collision repair

Don't let this happen to you.

Always buy Parts from a reputable dealer and GET A RECEIPT with a VIN number


Our prices are 25 to 75 % less than new wholesale from Toyota

We will try to meet or beat pricing on interior

Interior parts Year
Price Color / interior Comparison Price-New
call or email for details


most standard colors are available


side curtain airbag left and right available
$20 obo
Prius Airbag  
We do not have any Driver front airbags for sale
NO FLOOR MATS 2004-2009

Please dont call for FLOOR MATS

we do not have any.

call toyota

they are only about 90 dollars

gray, or tan 90 soiled,

right front seat


call or email for left front seat availability

pick up only



gray or tan

Interior panels

most standard available


most standard available

other seats




Too large to ship, pickup only. Sorry for any inconveniences.

ARMREST for the center console


  we have recovered armrets for 49 plus shipping     135 from Toyota get a new one from Toyota, or recover your old one

Door Panels

about $95 plus $50 shipping*
tan and gray both available

other interior parts

50% less than new or cheaper    
usually includes all the clips and accessory's

license plate frame

for the front of your Prius
$10 .00
some states require a front bumper license
CD player 04-09
factory original
works well

rear sun shade

original to hide your groceries
Call or email for availability
dash airbox with heater core 04-09


expect 60 for shipping

door panels continued         We will try to meet or beat pricing on interior
interior trim


call with your requests


HV battery see below 849 warranty or new from toyota also avail here 04-09

2499 from toyota

exchange plus installation

door gaskets          
glove boxes          
door parts         We will try to meet or beat pricing on interior
door sill trim          
grab handles          
window buttons          
dash vents          

sorry, all we have are right side,

All the driver's side are sold out

new are 54 dollars by comparison      
door parts          
rear hatch plastic          
door lock actuater   45      
wire harness   650     We will try to meet or beat pricing on interior
rear seat   make offer      
rear seat vent          
Hid headlamp balast          
Gear shift 65 dollars        
Key Computers click here        
Airbag computers 45 dollars with trade        

65 plus 39 shipping

pickup suggested

engines we have low miles prius engines for 550!        
parts cars          
inverters 495 exchange        
seats         We will try to meet or beat pricing on interior

*or more for 6 disk

We work hard to save you money!

click here to order

Suspension Parts Comments Price Comparison Price-New
Rear end not available sold out

left front hub ( knuckle)

right also available
left drive shaft rebuilt
right drive shaft rebuilt
rims add $29 for shipping
lower control arm hubs available cheap

Fix it Yourself and Save Thousands!

Mechanical Parts Description Price Comparison Price-New Extra Info
engine longblock

shown with synergy drive still attached

Odometer reading: 28k to 94k

Exhaust system

Catalytics too

290 installed for complete

we do not ship this item


coolant heat storage tank

Heat storage tank
pump only sometimes available
Gas Tank Gas Tank
  make offer- 4 Available


Hybrid drive transmission


A/C compressor

photo 2




Save the planet, fix a Hybrid

Electrical Parts

comparison price new

call for best price, this is not just a key remote
a complete set of keys with computers when your car has none

we now offer

touchscreen repair

$325 shipped
core required
Airbag computer repair
We are Prius Experts
$45 plus 8 shipping
Required when bags or belts have been replaced

high voltage battery 2

call for availability


NEW! We offer prius battery pack repair! only 849


let us quote a price for your needs

Sorry we do not have any 2001 thru 2003 Prius batterys

01-03 prius battery


Sorry, we do not have any batterys for older 01 to 03 prius cars       We only have 2004 and newer prius parts

12 volt battery

a good new 12 volt battery will fix most issues with your prius.
new available

Inverter assy

exchange available
$495 with exchange
we are now repairing inverters, we are also seeking bad inverters for parts


Battery ECU

E.V. Mode Kit

Toyota Prius EV mode kit

make your 04 and newer prius stay in battery mode

PHEV info
add a battery pack for more gas mileage
HID Headlamp Ballast


and now we have used hid ballasts for 06-09

new lower price




Hid D2R Bulbs ... try google


Multi Function Display

04, 05
more in stock!
Electric fan motor
also 3rd gen fans available!
Plus the blades which are not provided from Toyota.
Electric fan blades
Brake ECU controller

Shift selector

Gear shift

$65+12 shipping

Turn signal switch

specify with or without foglights
$30 plus 18 shipping
Cruise control upgrade now available

click here to order

Prius Repairs          
Yes! We do 2004 and up only We use the Toyota Factory Scantool for accurate repairs

brake problems?

high voltage problems? Prius trouble lights?
Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle conversions Add about 10,000 to the cost of one of our Pruii Will go 50 miles in electric only mode up to 75 MPH.   or PHEV for short
Phone Tech support
Correct answers are sometimes invaluable
If I have helped you with a problem and you wish to say Thanks
You may express your appreciation with a Paypal cash transfer.
Most dealers charge 90 dollars an hour

click here to go to paypal

my paypal account name is


new smartphone Prius dashboard application!

use your droid phone to read and clear prius trouble codes

new information!

59 dollars for beta versions
  transmission replacement available $650 plus 600 dollars labor including new fluids


Fix it Yourself and Save Thousands!

Please note that parts quotes are only good for 24 hours...sometimes we get many requests for the same part.

Your part might get sold if you wait too long.


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